Mother Won’t Allow Skinny Jeans


Dear Aunty,

I live in Australia.  I am 15 years old.  My mum does not like the skinny jeans trend.  I do.  I bought a pair of skinny jeans with my own money.  I am so late to this trend, but my ill-fitting baggy jeans are killing my social life.  My mum says I can only wear them if I wear a dupatta, too.  I asked her if she wanted me to wear it around my waist, since that doesn’t make sense.  I’m not wearing a dupatta to school.  What should I do?

Hello Beti,

What does your mother dislike about your jeans?  Are they showing off your figure too much?  This likely does not bother you as much as it bothers her, am I correct?  I’m betting your mother is also not too thrilled about showing your body to help your social life.  I know you do not see it the same way, Beti. To you it is just fashion and since everyone is wearing it, no one is looking at your body, but your baggy jeans make you stand out as out of fashion.  Hai, beti. These are struggles so many girls and boys experience with parents who grew up in another land or another generation (basically most Desis). Have mercy on your mother. She is trying to protect you and teach you morals.  And even if you disagree, please be respectful.  Your relationship with your mother will last much longer than any fashion trend.  And you will need each other when your preference once again switches to baggy clothing. Protect your relationship the way you would protect delicate jewelry, which is worth so much less.

You are not going to convince her to see things your way before skinny jeans are replaced with something which allows for better blood circulation to your thighs.  Furthermore, she is the one who gets to make the decisions. So it is time for you to compromise. We wear kurta payjamas with very tight payjamas (the visible bit) and skinny jeans are not so different.  Perhaps wearing a long shirt over them would be enough. There are some very stylish longer shirts that can be coupled with your preferred jean style.  As for the dupatta, perhaps your spirit of compromise might inspire her to drop this requirement, too.  If not, scarves are very much en vogue and only add an extra layer of style to your outfit.

Readers, can you post photos of such outfits in the comments below?

Jeethe Raho – Desi Aunty

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