Is He Still Her Boyfriend?

backpackerHello Aunty,

I have talked to u about my boyfriend in past but fortunately it didn’t turned how i thought it would. Now again i want your advice. Everything was going fine between us. And then i came to another city for my college and because i was staying with my aunt i was not able to talk to him as i used to (on calls we chat whole day) And then he went to another country for a project and since then for the whole time he was out he didn’t called me nor he would text me.

When i used to text him he would reply as if he was forced to and there also didn’t talk to me nicely. Its OK i understand he was out for some work and must be busy but cant he just talk to me at night at least a good night text. But then also i let it go. Now he is back in the country. He didn’t tell me he was coming. I got to know it from Facebook of his friend. We were in the same city but then also he didn’t come to meet me. That also i let go. That he would be hanging out with his friends or something. Now he is back to his city. But then also haven’t called me. Haven’t texted and even if i text he would reply so late. I am thinking of breaking up with him coz I don’t like being ignored or being taken for granted. If he’s really meant to be in my life he would have put some efforts. And if he really wants to be with me he will do something. I m very confused can u tell me what to do.



This hurts you and I am sorry for that.  But it seems your “boyfriend” no longer sees himself as such.  He is just too cowardly to say it out loud.  Let me ask you this: If you were dating someone and no longer wanted to be with them, but did not want to say so, what would you do?  Probably exactly what he is doing.  That is really all you need to know.  He is done with this relationship and you should let it go.  I’m sorry, Jannu, for your pain, but I am not sorry he has left you.  You will one day meet a man who thinks the sun shines because of you.  This bechara bazdil is not that man.  Being rid of him leaves you free to find that man who will not make you wonder about his love.  The right man is one who makes you feel securely loved even when you cannot find love for yourself. I am happy that you are now free to experience that.

Jeethe raho- Desi Aunty

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